When you come to visit us , we can share this feeling.
Our restaurant Osteria Pian delle Viti is located on a highland of vineyards in the hills of Provaglio d’Iseo to be just a little bit “out of this world” (but easily to reach) is actually a privilege: time slows down, you appreciate the small things, nature caresses the senses in any season.
If you want, you can go for a walk in the surroundings, before you sit down to table.

Our hospitality in this traditional farmhouse is welcoming and friendly.

When the season is right , we can host you in the veranda.
Inside we have three rooms, furnished as you would expect in a place like this, and just as a hint of interest, we love to expose works of local painters and sculptors.

Come along now, your table is set and waiting, discover the menu and ask us for a matching wine of Franciacorta area and other small wine cellars carefully tasted and chosen by us all around Italy.

The rooms

The three rooms have their own name, so if you come back and you have preference to stay in a particolar room you can mention this at the time of reservation: vault, fireplace and mirror.

The veranda

Except for the coldest part of the year in which it is nice to stay inside in the cosy rooms near the fireplace surrounded by season decorations, the veranda is always nice both during the day as in summer evenings.

Chestnut groves

The ancient trees that are centuries old seem to have so many stories to tell, that once you should take the time to observe and “listen”. Here at Pian delle Viti there is always plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and to establish a dialogue with nature